How to google

Google is the main way we look up information on the internet. Learning how to google properly is key to searching for information you need. Just Find This is going to provide actionable insights and practice to get you googleing like you never googled before. Cool, I know.


Power of research

Finding information is research. What’s also important when you find something is to be able to properly analyze it and make sense of it. We’re going to help with that by providing specific methods and frameworks, and really curious cases you will be able to research on your own and try yourself as an investigator

  • Learn to search for relevant visuals, charts and pictures

  • Learn to search across books, articles, blogs and research papers

  • Learn to search for code (if you really need that)

  • Learn to analyze and get insights. Just like Sherlock


We will teach you

We believe just feeding people with tons of information doesn’t make them learn. Just Find This is going to provide practical cases, which will allow you to research stuff and get results in a pre-defined scenario. You will also get tests and practical exercise to learn as you do.